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Industrial Visit


Industrial Visit


Industrial visit has its own importance in a career of a student who is pursuing a professional degree. It is considered a part of college curriculum and is mainly seen in management courses. With an aim to go beyond academics, industrial visits provide and help students to see their future place in the corporate world. It also helps students to gain first hand information regarding functioning of the industry and enhances their interpersonal skills and communication.

Importance of Industrial Visit

The focus of students is just on theoretical knowledge not on practical knowledge and research. We cannot say that they don’t have interest on practicing the theory but they don’t have time to apply the bookish knowledge on real world. The solution is Industrial Visit. While doing any experiments or projects, it is more important to have practical knowledge. It is gained by observing the practical scenarios that were happening in daily life. In this field, it is possible only through visiting the industries. This “Industrial Visit” program is helpful to people who show interest in doing some experiments regarding technology-based or else something be in accordance with their streams. They try to attempt in doing such kind of tasks only by learning it from their professors. Some students always have a doubt that what will they do after the completion of their course and what kind of job they are going to do when entering into an industry. By visiting industries, they will get answers for all their questions. They can communicate with different people who are already in the student’s interesting field. The students can ask different questions to the professionals working with the industries and try to make a clear path to their career. By visiting the industries, everyone will get the clear idea about the core stream. They will have an idea about what they will do in future when they are wished to join in their favorite industries. By this, each and every student can get a chance to improve themselves, in gaining the knowledge and skills to develop the tasks that are undertaken by them. So visiting makes the student’s performance better. We provide good facilities by concentrating on the student’s bright career. And by visiting different industries, they will get more knowledge and they will know what is going on in our country India and in their field of education closely. They can touch the machines, operate them and learn to solve some small problems which arise while working with the machines.

‘Our main theme is to fulfill the student goals and dreams in an efficient way to gain practical knowledge of the core projects and gain industrial skills which can complete their education properly’.